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Got Questions?

We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours via chat and/or email. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page or ask us by chat at the bottom of this page.

We would suggest you start off with the newbies plan if you have no previous experience with iptv , or if available get a free 2 hours trial.

To get familiar with our service and you can decide after if you want to continue.

Please pay attention that 1 subscription can be used on multiple devices but you can watch only on 1 device at the same time. MORE

If while you are watching a channel the service appears to have paused, simply select and open another channel, then return to the original channel to see if it is now playing, this can be due to break in transmission for a second, the software will halt under these conditions.  MORE

You will need the app Smart iptv you can download it on your smart tv in the tv’s store then after activating it here –> http://siptv.eu/activation/

You will need your TV’s Mac Address, –> go to Menu –> Network –> Network Status –> Mac Address is on the top right corner.

If you found your Macaddress, then activate it on siptv.eu and under remote playlist there you will need to put in the file you’ve from us. After registration with PayPal on siptv.eu you’ll need to open the Smart Iptv app on your tv and if everything went well you can start watching tv.

To stream IPTV on your Roku device, first download the Roku App: 1. Roku App Side Load:

-You must side load it onto your device:


Next you’ll need to set up your m3u playlist to be able to view your channels:

M3u Playlist Setup Step 1:

Start by downloading the M3U playlist player from the Roku online store.

Step 2:

Now click on Add New or Updated Playlist.

Step 3:

Enter your M3U URL [LINK] and click on Save Your Playlist.

Step 4:

Depending on your M3U playlist, it might take a couple of minutes before your playlist gets fully loaded. Now your M3U playlist is fully loaded and you can start watching TV by selecting any channel.


First, please check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again.
Secondly, if your network connection is no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices. as you can view from more than 1 device at the same time.


We strive to provide you with a high level of service at very discounted rates. So please keep this in mind first and foremost.
If a channel is down, we will do our best to restore that back to service.
Please use the guidelines below before reporting a channel:

– Stop and give it a couple of minutes. We reboot and swap channels when needed. The channel may be coming back.
– Is this happening on all channels? If it is, you need to check on your end.
– Reboot your devices and wait for 30 secs before turning them back on (STBs, Android Boxes, Routers, Cable modems)
– Make sure you are connecting using a LAN (Ethernet) cable to devices and not via Wifi.


Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed or high internet traffic.

The most common cause of buffering is the result of slow internet connection. This may be because of low internet speed or other users hogging the bandwidth in your house. Do you have lots of users in your home? Disconnect them all and try again
The second reason is that you are using Wi-Fi, which is not suited for watching TV as you need direct (LAN) connection to internet network in order to enjoy smooth watching without interruptions.

Directly connect to your router using a LAN (ethernet) cable or to a powerline adaptor.
If not possible, try moving the box closer to the router.
Change your WI-FI channel. To avoid interference with nearby devices.
If you experience buffering press “pause” for 10-15 seconds and resume, most of the time that will eliminate the need to buffer.


If you want to see the channel playlist just get a trial so you can see for yourself what the quality of the channels are, and what countries we have to offer.

Some of the countries we are providing, for a complete list just get a trail:





United Kingdom

United States


You can find some reviews about us here:
– IPTV Wire Review
– Reviews IPTV
– Software testing help
Many setup tutorials

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