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Thank You! One more step to go before we can send you an IPTV Free Trial Playlist.

Thanks a lot! We still need you to complete one more step before sending the free iptv playlist.

In order to notify you that your iptv playlist has been sent out. We ask you to send your email address to our Whatsapp chat.

The reason we ask you this, is that emails often end up in your spam or promotions folder.

We do a lot of manual work, and when emails don't get opened it's just a waste of our time and our resources.


We'll send you a WhatsApp message when your playlist is ready. That way, you can get started watching as soon as possible.

Each person is entitled to a free 24-hour trial worth Β£6.95, but note we won’t respond to a disposable email address or VPN-enabled requests!!

So just click on the WhatsApp logo and a window will open, in the chat just reply with your email address.

As soon as you did this we'll going to prepare your

IPTV Free Trial Playlist, however depending on your timezone it can take up a few minutes/hours.

We'll let you know when your free iptv trial is ready.

If you decide you want to do something other than this, of course, we respect that.

However, we won't be able to send you a free IPTV playlist, for the reasons mentioned before.