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How can I Buy IPTV?

We have two options for purchasing.

Our recommendation is to buy via a bank transfer, as it is quick and easy and will allow you to get started quickly.

In addition, we also offer the option to pay with cryptocurrency.

How long is the Free trial for?
From the moment you get our email, it's at least valid for 24 Hours and more. However, a great alternative is our 7-day trial.

If you are serious about IPTV and want access to Premium Channels then we encourage you to get yourself a 7-day trial and get access to those Premium channels today!

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This is a great way to convince yourself of what you'll be getting into as a Premium member.
Can I see your channel list?

We encourage you to take out a 7-day trial, that's how you can see for yourself what channels we have to offer.

This is also a great way to convince yourself of what you'll be getting, before committing to one of our longer paid-for premium plans.

Is it complicated to setup?

The simple answer is NO!
Actually is fairly beginners friendly.


After you've signed up you'll receive an email from us with the instructions on how to watch our streams.


The easiest way is to use our online webplayer that you can use on any web browser and even on your mobile.


For more experienced users, we also offer different options on how to watch our streams on many other devices or apps.

Where can I find support if I need more Help?

If you need more help then you can visit our help and support forum.

Where you'll be able to find many answers to your questions in our easy to follow guides.