-Free Your TV-


If you think the playlist isn't working correctly, please first check our Service Page if there is a system maintenance going on, if not please  please follow these steps: VLC Player go to->Media->

open network stream->Paste in your M3U playlist. (Run with VPN CONNECTED) “Important”

Wait for it to load (First time could take up some minutes, it's a large file) if you have a channel running without problems then close it and open it again without VPN connected.

If you can't connect or it is buffering that means your connection is blocked, so you'll need a VPN service.

This way of testing is the best way to do so, no complicated setup once you know that everything is properly showing up on VLC then move on to your desired device

One other course could be that your ISP is blocking our server connection, what you could do is connect via a VPN, here's one we recommend:

Free Vpn

Usually, this will solve your issue.